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EagleDance Video Productions (History)

The name EagleDance is derived from the beautiful aerial ballet performed by the soaring American Eagle. From its inception in 1988, EagleDance Video has produced theater and dance tapes for local area organizations, teams, schools, and companies. The beauty of dance, acting, and motion made the Eagle seem a natural symbol for use in the business.

Almost all of us have now been exposed to the video Camera, and most of us have even used one. Taping a theater play or dance performance, however, requires an understanding of the stage and of dance.  To record a production by simply pointing the camera and keying the record button is to minimize the quality of the tape produced. EagleDance Video camera persons understand the movement of professional dance, the blocking and staging of community theater, and the importance of producing a quality taped production that will be a source of pride for every participant and enjoyment for those who watch the production in future years.

Professional Techniques in Camera Work

     Typically, a person wanting to record an event for later viewing simply takes the family video camera, points it in the direction of whatever the action is, and presses the "record" button. Later, while viewing the tape on the home TV, many are disappointed that their tape simply "looks like home video."  The picture zooms in and out, many times inappropriately. The picture is unsteady, and often moves at the strangest times from one subject to another. There are no titles, no credits, and often only the sound taped at the time of the event. In other words. "it doesn't look like television."

     Almost all of us are experts in TV, most of us having grown up watching it. We recognize good TV, but just can't seem to make it on our own.

     EagleDance Video Productions  are taped using  digital technology exclusively.  Later, opening music, Titles, Credits,  and Digital Video transitions between scenes are added. These give the production that "feel of Television." Proper camera technique is also paramount in filming an event. Contrast in size between scenes and "cuts" is used (the "Rule of Thirds"), the picture is rock steady, and the camerawork, as is proper, is NOT part of the entertainment.

Sample "Silhouetted" video (San Gorgonio Ballet Company)

Depending on the type of production you are attempting to complete, special effects can be applied to the video taping.  This can range from simply taking the color out (for that "Black and White film" look), to completely changing the color schemes, making "line drawn animation" out of your video, and other effects as well.  ALL such alterations of the natural look of the event are decided by the client.  Advice on the use or over-use of these types of effects is always provided by EagleDance Video production staff.

Please take the time to check out our Photo Page. There, examples of some of the many past productions completed by EagleDance Video can be seen. The art of proper camera work is evident, with shots properly framed and in full color. Feel free to contact the Artistic Directors listed for reference in deciding if EagleDance Video Productions is right for filming your theater event.